Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Throw Out Those 'Old Tapes'

I heard a phrase the other day, a woman who said her emotional troubles were caused by playing 'old tapes'. She was referring to the things she had been told, by herself and others, long ago. Recordings of lies that followed her to this moment in time and were standing between her and truth.

How many of us have old tapes playing?

I recall a visitor watching me sort laundry, who said, "I was such a great mom, I didn't even have to look at the size tags to know whose was whose." Maybe they weren't meaning to insult me, maybe they were. But ever since, when I sort laundry, THAT tape is playing. WHY? When I was a little girl I would sort and fold laundry WITH JOY, day dreaming about doing this for MY family. My husband. My children. JOY. Humming and smiling the whole time. WHY are these words in my ears now?

And this is hardly the only tape I've been carrying around with me!

I don't entirely know how to throw out these old tapes. But from now on I intend to recognize them as what they are. The enemy's tapes that he wants me to listen to. And I intend to stand against them.

In the words of one of my wise little men, "YHWH break the words of the enemy. And THROW THEM AWAY."

These tapes are destructive and damaging. They take something that can give joy, such as sorting laundry for my family and ruining it. They can wedge themselves into relationships, family, friends, neighbors. They can push dreams down until they don't float in our hopes anymore.

Join me and STAND AGAINST the lies that the enemy is dragging around after you.

Those old tapes are just lies. Throw them away and make more room for the Joy of the Lord in our lives!

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