Monday, February 14, 2011

Garden Plans for 2011 In The Works

We're still hoping for our own piece of dirt prior to planting season. We have our eyes on one in particular and have put in an offer. I'm hopeful they will accept it or that we can reach an agreement SOON!

Here you see what caught MY eye.

Do you see that yard?! That is only PART of the yard! Can't you just imagine a chicken coop, and chickens, and kids running, and a garden with a bee hive, and maybe a milk cow? Oh it sets my heart on fire!

I intend to PROCEED as if this will allll work out. So I have estimated the amount of seedlings I need to start. And using this simple online tool, Grow Guide Form, I have a printed out calendar that tells me when to start my seeds, and transplant them for summer and winter gardening in my locale.

This years working plan. 30'x55'.

This week apparently is my LAST CHANCE to get those cabbages started. So I'll get them going in a couple days here. I just started things whenever I wanted last year, so hopefully this works better, allowing my plants the proper time to grow and be strong enough for transplanting in our climate.

There are a couple other large differences this year, gardening my own newly broken ground and NOT the city's community garden.

One.... This soil apparently has a high sand ratio. I know that over time (a few years least) I can fix this with soil amendments from our homes compost, potential chicken manure, and purchased amendments from the local feed and garden stores. In a recent class I took from the Extension Office, they assured us that MOST soil types were fixable with determination and a little know how. I may begin by sending off for a soil sample this year. While this does cost some money (I think $35ish last I checked per test) they do send you back a laboratory analysis of your soil along with a specific list of amendments that will fix all your problems.

Two..... while walking the property we discovered large quantities of deer scat. This is not particularly surprising. We wanted boonies. We're DEEPLY DESIRING boonies. And boonies comes with wild critters. So this garden will need to have a high fence around it. In my class we also received information how to deal with numerous pests and methods of varying degrees how they could be dealt with. I seem to recall there was something about soap on a string that kept deer away.... So I need to pull that paperwork out.

Overall.... I am SO EXCITED. The thought of digging my very own dirt thrills me. The thought of pulling my little plum tree, that my grandparents gave me for this joy filled day, and planting it in my own yard and watching it grow and someday provide my family with sweet sweet fruits is amazing to me.

The Lord has blessed me abundantly! I will sing His praises FOREVER. Amen.

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