Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Many Projects... So Little Time

And Energy!

With about 3 or 4 weeks to go before the new baby joins our little family.... I am STILL adding to my project list.

Life isn't standing still. Though I really make an effort to keep our schedule open and our duties to a minimum, they keep piling up. And right now, with the inevitable looming addition to our family, and my energy at a premium, it is no different.

Our last few projects have worked out really well.

* Our Lights Out/Off the Grid test was an adventure that we enjoyed and learned a few things from.

* Homemade Sourcream tastes MUCH better made with light cream and buttermilk, than with light cream and vinegar. I haven't been able to get it very thick, and will have to investigate that aspect of it. But it tastes great.

* Homemade Yogurt was alot more forgiving than I feared. I had actually put off that project for several weeks because I was very concerned at my ability to maintain 100 - 110F degrees for an extended period of time. But I finally just decided to give it a shot on my back burner on low. WORKED GREAT! Absolutely great tasting and the kids devoured it. Running to purchase more milk tonight to make another batch.

* Our plans to purchase our own home and property are moving forward. But we're still not sure WHEN this will take place. But we enjoy day dreaming about it. :)

Until baby does arrive I have a few more projects I am contemplating. I HOPE to get some done, and get some started while I have the time and energy.

* Make a good quantity of granola, for quick breakfasts, snacking, mixed in with yogurt, etc.

* Start making my own bread in my bread machine DAILY instead of using store bought breads. I also have a recipe that uses Amish Friendship Starter that makes a very nice sweet bread that reminds me of Hawaiian Bread. I like it.

* I need to sew a couple things before baby arrives. A Nursing Pillow Cover, and a Nursing Cover. These are SIMPLE to sew. But I am having a hard time finding the type of fabric I want for the cover up. Yes... some of this problem is because I am a cheapskate. And some of this problem is because I am SUPER particular about patterns, colors, etc. If I'm going to make it I want it to be very ME.

* I recently found these beautiful Mama and Baby dolls online. I love them! But I could never afford one ($140 each). I realize that they are probably handmade and they are custom to your requests. But I realize.... that with some determination and planning.... I can make one myself. So I'm going to! As I told a friend, I think the kids will love it. If not..... I sure will. :)

Of course, I still have the normal daily duties of a mother and wife. Dishes, laundry, keeping the house and children presentable, and keeping up with homeschooling my son. Some days I feel that even this is too much for me. But I remember that the Lord rewards the works of our hands. I get up and get doing..... and the energy is there. It surprises me every time. I don't think I will ever say, "This is easy. A breeze." But I do say very very often, "I love it. I wouldn't want any other job in the world."

What other job could I have where ....
I get kisses all day long?
I see the most beloved and adored people in my whole life hours and hours every day?
I get to be creative with baking, crafts, decor?
I get to hone my skills and constantly stretch myself learning how to better care for those I love?
And most days get a nap in the middle of the day? :)

And now I'm off to continue folding laundry. <3 br="">


  1. OH GOSH, i just realized you COULD be having two You didn't have an ultrasound this time right?
    Those dolls are super cute! Which one/type were you thinking of making??

  2. I think I'll try to make it look kind of like me. So the kids are more familiar with it... maybe with a couple babies!

    I think there is only ONE bun in the oven right now. It would be exciting to have twins... but I don't think it will be this time. :)