Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Resource Found - 52 Weeks of Food Storage

I came across this list today while scanning Pinterest, my latest obsession (thanks kd).

52 Weeks of Food Storage
For around $10 a week you can slowly build your food storage to provide 52 weeks of food for 2 adults.

I found this list at One Good Thing by Jillie.

Week 1 – 6 lbs. salt
Week 2 – 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 3 – 20 lbs. sugar
Week 4 – 8 cans tomato soup
Week 5 – 25 lbs. flour
Week 6 – 6 lbs. pasta
Week 7 – 6 lbs. brown sugar
Week 8 – 8 cans tuna
Week 9 – 1 lb. each of yeast, baking soda and baking powder
Week 10 - 50 lbs. wheat
Week 11 – 8 cans tomato soup
Week 12 – 20 lbs. sugar
Week 13 – 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 14 – 7 boxes macaroni & cheese
Week 15 – 25 lbs. rice
Week 16 – 5 cans cream of chicken soup
Week 17 – 1 bottle vitamins
Week 18 – 12 cans evaporated milk
Week 19 – 5 cans cream of mushroom soup
Week 20 – 50 lbs. wheat
Week 21 – 8 cans tomato soup
Week 22 – 10 lbs. beans
Week 23 – 8 cans tuna
Week 24 – 3 lbs. shortening, 3 lbs. oil
Week 25 – 25 lbs. rice
Week 26 – 5 lbs. honey
Week 27 – 10 lbs. powdered milk
Week 28 – 20 lbs. sugar
Week 29 – 5 lbs. peanut butter
Week 30 – 50 lbs. wheat
Week 31 – 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 32 – 2 qt. mayonnaise
Week 33 – 1 bottle aspirin
Week 34 – 5 cans cream of chicken
Week 35 – 50 lbs. wheat
Week 36 – 7 boxes macaroni and cheese
Week 37 – 6 lbs. salt
Week 38 – 10 lbs. beans
Week 39 – 8 cans tomato soup
Week 40 – 25 lbs. flour
Week 41 – 5 cans cream of chicken
Week 42 – 20 lbs. sugar
Week 43 – 1 bottle vitamins
Week 44 – 8 cans tuna
Week 45 – 50 lbs. wheat
Week 46 – 6 lbs. pasta
Week 47 – 20 lbs. sugar
Week 48 – 6 cans cream of mushroom
Week 49 – 5 lbs. honey
Week 50 – 10 lbs. of rolled oats
Week 51 – 8 cans tomato soup
Week 52 – 50 lbs. wheat

You will end up with: (for 2 people)

300 lbs. wheat-----need 600 lbs.--includes rolled oats, pasta,
12 lbs. pasta
50 lbs. rice
50 lbs. flour
10 lbs. rolled oats
100 lbs. sugar----need 120 lbs. --includes honey, brown sugar
10 lbs. honey
6 lbs. brown sugar
20 lbs. powdered milk----need 150 lbs.
12 cans evaporated milk---
3 lbs. shortening---- need 70 lbs.
3 lb. oil
2 qt. mayonnaise
5 lbs. peanut butter
2 qt. mayonnaise
5 lbs. peanut butter
24 cans of tuna fish----need 40 lbs. of meats
20 lbs. beans---need 190 lbs of legumes
1 lb. yeast
1 lb. baking soda
1 lb. baking powder
12 lbs. salt
2 bottles vitamins
1 bottle of aspirin
11 cans cream of mushroom soup
20 cans of cream of chicken soup
40 cans of tomato soup
21 boxes macaroni and cheese

Now this list does not include water needs at all. It is recommended that you provide one gallon of water per person per day. This covers drinking water and minimal hygiene needs. And as the list points out, it doesn't actually fill in all your food needs. Meat, beans, wheat, sugar, fats are lacking.
I think toothbrushes and first aid kits are important too. :)

Here is a food storage calculator so that you can estimate what your particular family's needs are.

But, this is an excellent resource to start with!

For many people the idea of food storage is daunting. How can one purchase hundreds of lbs of food and still remain within a tight budget? How does one store such goods?

The good news is, that many have come before you. Today, they can be called preppers, survivalists and such. But in days gone by, they were simply called homesteaders, pioneers, farmers... you know... NORMAL. Many of you remember playing Oregon Trail? Remember purchasing 100 lbs of salted beef? Same concept.

Now Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA recommends everyone to stock up at least 3 days worth of food and water for emergency preparedness. That means at least 3 days of food and water for you and your spouse, your children, your pets. And.... what about your mother? Your neighbors and their children? It is something to think about.

Especially if you are a follower of Christ. Off The Grid News - Practicing Biblical Hospitality In Hard Times: Are You Ready For 2011? clearly shows how time and again the bible calls us to step forward for others, to prepare to be hospitable, even in the face of our want. Maybe you think it won't come to that. But... you would do well to think and plan ahead. You would do well to prepare, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Don't think it is necessary?

Here is a list of US declared Natural disasters from 2011 alone. It could happen anytime and anyplace.

Gird yourself.
Say your prayers.
And stand tall.



  1. Reason for C's newest obsession! :DNovember 10, 2011 at 4:23 AM

    Sorry about the new obsession :D But there are some awesome things there! Like this list for example.
    I know, like you said it isn't greatly involved or complete but a good place to start, and small enough to feel manageable and not overwhelming!
    <3 great post. Though some of the links were missing. :) <3

  2. Amen to that last part. "normal" lol we are all viewed now as FAR from normal :-/ That is a really nice list, thanks for sharing!


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