Monday, November 7, 2011

Tonight's Research - Learn a Language for 'Frugal' People

My husband and I have discussed learning languages for a while now for our homeschool, and for ourselves as well. We are most familiar with the Rosetta Stone program. But since we are oddballs, in every sense of the word, we do not run Microsoft or Mac on our PCs. We run linux. And while linux rocks in security, ease of use, administrating any number of business and home systems, and especially in cost, there is one small hurtle to overcome. Many programmers do not write their software with us in mind.

Of course, we will overcome. :)

So began our search for alternative methods to learn a language.

I have just found a treasure trove, and here it is.

Melnyks - Learn Mandarin Chinese Podcast:

Russian Pod 101:

Arabic Pod 101:

Hebrew Podcasts:

Notes In Spanish Podcast:

Laura Speaks Dutch Podcast:

These are just a few languages that I looked up, but I bet there are plenty more out there if you look for them.

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