Friday, November 4, 2011

Tonight's Research - Aloe

I was given a beautiful gift this summer from my mother in law, an enormous aloe plant. Over the summer we used a few pieces on my children's scrapes and scratches, we learned that ducks LOVE aloe and had to bring the plant to safety before they devoured it, and it grew ... even more enormous.

So tonight I read up on Aloe....

How to Propagate Aloe Plants: Choosing a small 2-4 inch young aloe leaf, break it off the stalk and let it dry before planting it in loose, moist soil.

How to Harvest Aloe Gel: Break off a large, whole stalk of aloe, or utilize any accidental breaks. Using a knife, cut the skin off the semi solid gel mass inside. Slime it wherever needed.

How to Preserve Aloe Gel: Fresh is best. But you can freeze single use servings in an ice-cube trays.

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