Monday, January 30, 2012

Homemade Lipbalm

I kept seeing really simple ideas for making lip balm around the internet... ok... on Pinterest. :)

And because my children LOVE to slather on the chapstick whenever I have any, I decided to make them some.

I used Coconut oil, but I have also seen people use vasoline.  The coconut oil was a gift, because I am too FRUGAL to have ever purchased any. lol

I warmed the oil a little and added a couple drops of food coloring to get my kiddoes their favorite colors, orange and pink.  My smallest jars, baby food jars, were still pretty big, so I just mixed a little bit. I can easily make them more when they use it up.

They were thrilled, and are soooooo happy when they put on 'their' very own 'lip stick'.  And it smells heavenly!

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