Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 ~ My Resolution

As we entered into 2012, my husband and I discussed our New Year's resolutions. He can share his own with you if he chooses. :) But I will gladly share mine with you! Aren't you lucky!?

My resolution for 2012 is to celebrate the Biblical Feasts or Holy Days that are laid out in scripture. Personally, I have very little experience to draw from here. I have been to plenty of 'christian' churches. But they were not concerned with the Holy Days of the Lord. So what do I honestly have to go on? Not much. I saw Fiddler on the Roof once.... yeah.

To educate my ignorant self, I found Judaism 101.

It is quite a change for my family, and honestly I am loving it. Sunday through Friday, we work. The children and I do our school, housework, farm chores. My husband continues doing what he has done forever, my beloved workaholic.

And Friday evening comes. The table is set. The children are bathed. My daughter and I have our headscarves on. Daddy steps into the door, and it is the Sabbath. We light the candles. We pray. We eat the Challah and drink the wine. And for the next 24 hours.... we rest, we play games, we do crafts, we read books just for fun.

We are nearing our first actual biblical holy day, Feb 8 (begins on Feb 7 at sunset), Tu B'Shevat. It is a time to plant trees and is used to calculate the age of your fruit trees, as the law required the first three years' fruit not to be eaten and the fourth years' fruit to be given to God, and all future fruit can be eaten.

In our society, and mindset, that can seem SO inconvenient. And I will totally admit, that was my initial response too. But I remember I wanted to rest upon the providence of the Lord. I remember I want to lean upon the blessings enumerated in Deuteronomy for the people of the Lord as they enter their promised land. While my land is not 'Zion'.... it was so clearly given to us by the Lord and His mighty hand. I look at the word and desire so greatly for those promises to be given to me and my family. And.... it seems to clearly say... 'If you do these things.... these blessings will be yours...."

So I am extremely excited and happy that my family is following the word.

Of course, homeschool, farm life, family and friends lead to all kinds of other adventures. I promise to let you in on them.

To learn more about my reasons to celebrate the Bible Feasts see...


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