Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Greenhouses for Winter Sowing

I am like a hobbit.  I love the simple life.  I love a good meal.  I love good friends.

I love, love, love green, growing things.

Winter can seem long and wearying to the heart that longs to dig in the dirt and see tender seedlings poking through.  So while I tried very hard to content myself with drawing up my planting calendar, and starting to plan and picture what I would plant here and there.... my heart longed so dearly to START ALREADY!

And thanks to Pinterest I have found a way!

Milk Jugs made into mini greenhouses!

I have been saving milk jugs for almost a year now.  I knew that they would be handy for something.  So I was thrilled and got started right away.

I dug through my seed box for those that should be started sooner than later.  I chose Broccoli, Brussels, Eggplant, Onions, Garlic, Peppers and Tomatoes.  I also started some Iceberg Lettuce, for inside the house and out in the milk jugs.  We eat alot of salad and I must get into the habit and practice of growing my own.

I used a mix of well composted hay, sprinkling the seeds on top and covering lightly with some left over potting soil I had.  I then labeled what was in each greenhouse and taped them closed.

We put them out on the backporch where they will get plenty of sunshine (when there is any) and some rain (lol).  A little bit of freezing is apparently not too bad for them, as it helps the seed naturally break open.

Towards the end of February, beginning of March I will start some melons, squashes and beans.

While editing my pictures for this post, I noticed a fingerprint on some of my images.... or wait... was it a fingerprint?


And for those who share my hobbit affinity....

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