Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sensing Anger - Written May 2001


I am listening to her words
As they tumble thoughtlessly from her lips
And am reminded of their true origin
And lies
I remember that she is not alone in her misguided path
And I am Angered

Oh, how many souls are lost and never found
Falling for the speeches given them by men
Oh, how many maybes were turned into no's
In that eternal Book of Life
And Death

Do they realize that they are walking down a path
With only one gate at the end
Having closed the pearls long ago
Do they realize that in tow
They are dragging many children
Who can no longer think for themselves
Or are willing to search

Oh, I know
That the truth is out there and no man is responsible
For his brother
But I also know
The consequence of a brother

And as I listen to her lies
That she believes in because
She knows nothing else
I am Angered


I will not stand for lies any longer
And turning to face her
I remember that I love this woman so much
So much that it aches to think I could lose her
Forever is a long time little one

Setting the line
Against the walls they have built in her heart
Breaking open gates
That wound her, more than I can ever know
I know that the Truth must be told

For the Lies lead only to Death


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