Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review - W1CK by Michael Bunker

Such an easy and page turning read!

Clay Richter was walking home to his old farmstead for reasons not fully formulated or understood.  Hurricane Sandy having just swept through and showing the thin facade of civility around him was just the tipping point.  Thoughts of his wife and daughters haunt him.  Others he meets along the way heading various directions helping him to hash out his thoughts and purpose.

A simple walk to his farm..... turns into a life changing and life defining journey for us all.

Lately, I don't get much reading time with my four small children, outside of their school books.  But I found this story really drawing and every free moment that I had, I pulled it out, sunk in and enjoyed it.

I can't WAIT to read the sequel, The Last Pilgrims (loosely the unofficial basis for Revolutions, I've heard ;) ).

You can purchase W1CK, Kindle Edition for .99 from Amazon – Click Here!

Book Bomb To Be Annnounced....

You can purchase The Last Pilgrims from Amazon too – Click Here!

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  1. Update - Any other e-format (Nook, iBooks, Kobi, HTML, Txt, PDF, etc.): Click Here!

    Preliminary Book Bomb date for the Paperback: January 18, 2013

  2. The W1CK book bomb - January 18, 2013.