Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Responsibility To Our Children

So heartbreaking to hear this father speak of his son's murder, and to acknowledge the part he played in it.  He paid such a horrible price for such a common mistake.  I weep to think of his pain and loss.

While many point their fingers every which direction.... they ignore what this man knows.  It was his responsibility to keep his son safe.  And he didn't.

I do not give a free pass to the people who committed these murders.  And I do not want to cause any more grief for parents who have suffered such horrendous loss.

But, ultimately the responsibility for our children's well being falls to us, the parents.  They are given to us by God with strict instructions, to teach them (Exodus 18:20Deuteronomy 6:7), love them (Titus 2:4), comfort them (1 Thessalonians 2:11).... and protect (Esther 8:11) them.

But society tells us that isn't 'normal' or in the 'best interests of the child.'  Instead we are told to ship them off daily to a local government run facility where licensed educators will teach them approved humanistic curricula, track their progress and judge their ability to function in society when they become adults.

I cannot endorse the call to keep prayer and bible reading in school.  They have no business teaching my child how to pray and to whom.  They have no business promoting one religion or any.... And I include atheism in this, as it is a belief regarding a higher power, that being none, and secular humanism, being the worship of the human being.  I would not want them teaching Islam, Buddhism or any of the numerous and very different denominations of Christianity.

I cannot endorse having the schools monitored by armed guards and metal detectors, subject to invasive searches and seizures at whim.  I do not want my children to be forced into what equals an occupied ghetto daily, laying down any sense of freedom and security each time they head to school.

I cannot endorse the call take away the rights of gun owners across America.  Gun owners across America did not wrong me or these little ones.  Each man is guilty of his own crime.  And I do not want millions across America to be as defenseless as these children were in the face of evil.  Evil won't be stopped by gun laws and will, in fact, become more rampant and brazen in the wake of disarmament of their victims.

But I strongly urge, plead, and ask you.....

Why don't you homeschool your children?

Maybe it isn't 'free' like public school.  The costs of homeschooling vary from family to family, ranging from complete free curriculum to several hundred dollar packages per grade level.  You can find something that will work for your family and budget.  I would gladly help anyone with questions and most homeschoolers would be as well.

Maybe it isn't as 'easy' as shuffling them off on the school bus in the morning.  But I get to sleep in until 7 or 8 most mornings and can accomplish our 'schooling' while in my pj's before noon most days.

Maybe it isn't 'convenient' like having a babysitter every weekday from 8-3 while you have that second income, or free time for personal endeavors.  I choose to enjoy every moment with my children.  I don't really have 'personal projects' right now.  Instead we have 'family projects' which can be turned into educational experiences usually.  Sewing, Canning, Chicken Raising, Blogging.... all educational experiences.

And I love it.

But most importantly, this is what you are called to do by the word. Teach, Exhort, Cherish.....

What are you willing to do to ensure the success and security of your children?

How many of Columbine's or Sandy Hook's parents wish they had considered that option just one more time?


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