Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Thoughts on Weekly Bible Reading ~ Genesis 10-11 Part I

It can seem quite tedious when reading the generations of so and so, begat so and so, begat so and so.  Many times you may feel the urge to skip these sections, and bemoan that they are in the bible at all.  After all, "What do these people mean to me?"

Of course, you may not realize it... but in that question is an amazing answer.

They may mean nothing at all to you.

But to God.... they mean something.  They mean a lot.

You see.... as you live out your life here on earth, day by day, hour by hour, sometimes, minute by excruciating minute, your every prayer is heard, your every breath numbered, and your every tear collected.

God knows you intimately.  And He loves you enough to die to be with you.

And God knew each and every single one of these so and so's as well.  Those names are written in the scriptures because He knew them, their daily struggles, successes, prayers and dreams.

While the bible includes only the names of the firstborn sons for the most part, we should also remember that these sons grew into men, had wives, and many children whose names are not known to us.  These generations passed before the eyes of the Lord.  Mothers praying for their babies to be born healthy and strong, fathers praying for the Lord to help them teach these wild, bright eyed children, young girls praying for a good man to marry them, young men praying for the Lord to provide for his growing family.

And that is really what the word is telling us when He lists the generations.

Remember He is sometimes called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Yahveh is a God of FAMILY!

Just as He calls us to be HIS children, He also shows us a mighty circle of Love in the Family Unit.  The man loves the woman, who loves the baby, who loves the woman, who loves the man.  Add a child, and the love grows.  Add the children's children, and the love grows.

Consider your own family.  Your babies are precious to you.  Your parents (I understand there can be exceptions) are loved by you, and love you.  Your grandparents are loved by you, and they also love you.  Before them, their parents loved them.  Each member hoping and dreaming, and hopefully, praying for each other.  The love grows.

So next time you read that Mizraim begat Ludim.....
Be comforted.  God loves you and you are MUCH MORE than just a so and so to HIM.


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