Friday, April 5, 2013

Guest Post - Time is up. I am no longer withholding My hand from My judgments.

Oh My people, why?  Why do you still go on with business as usual?  I have warned and I have warned for My people who are called by My name to repent of your lukewarmness, complacency and conformity to this world.  Oh, My people, you do not know nor understand the gravity of what is about to strike.  Millions, I say, MILLIONS shall lose their lives when this thing happens.  Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.  For now the sinners in Zion shall be afraid.

Did I not warn you of these things in My word?  Do you not perceive that you are in the last days that My word speaks about?

Oh, My people, why?  Why do many of you not take My judgments to heart?  I will tell you why.  It is because you are a backslidden people and do not desire My holiness.  You have set up for yourselves teachers and prophets that speak lies of comfort to you.  But I tell you now, unless you all repent before me now, many of you too shall be swept up with the wicked when this thing happens.

Oh, but many of you say in your heart, “I am a Christian and therefore I am not appointed unto the wrath of God”.  Oh you foolish ones!  Who has bewitched you to believe such lies?  Do you not know that My wrath is stored up for all the wicked in heart?  Do you not know that My word tells you that My wrath is against ALL unrighteousness?  Therefore, if you do wickedness, do not tell yourselves that you shall not see My wrath.  For I am a HOLY God and I shall take vengeance against ALL unholiness.

Oh, My dear little ones, can you not perceive My heart crying out to you all to repent?  It is not My desire to bring judgment.  For I desire mercy over judgment.  But it is because of your wicked ways that I must do this thing.  For does not My word say that if those who are called by My name would humbles themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I shall heal their land?  Oh yes, many of you pray for Me to heal and protect your land.  But where is your repentance?  Where is your turning from your wicked ways? Many of My people are no different from those of the world.  And for this reason, I shall judge ALL the land and begin with My house.

Oh yes, you have heard Me right.  I shall judge MY people even more harshly than those of the world.  For you, My little ones, know the truth, though many of you deny My holiness for yourselves and those around you.  Oh you wicked and perverse generation.  Do you not discern the times that you live in?   It is now time that I shall fulfill My word.  And I now declare that I shall come down as a consuming fire.  And who of you can stand in this day of My coming?

Oh, but many of you have said in your heart that you shall be raptured at My coming.  Oh foolish ones, have you not read My word?  I never said I was going to take you out of the earth.  When I do come in physical form for all to see, it shall NOT be pleasant for those on the earth that have not been cleansed by My fires of purification.  For I will gather those left on the earth that have made themselves pure through the fires of My tribulation upon the earth.  And then a fiery destruction for all those that are not joined with Me.
Those of you that think that you are My bride and yet do not reflect My holiness are fools of your own choosing.  For My bride shall be spotless and without ANY blemish of man’s stench of flesh.  You who think that I will take you as My bride while you are but flesh are foolish and do not have the truth of My word.  For My word declares that what is corruptible shall NOT inherit the incorruptible.  Oh you are foolish ones to believe anything contrary to this truth.

But I tell you all now, repent and get right with Me and maybe, just maybe, I shall relent and turn and leave a blessing with you instead.  Oh, but many of you say that you are already blessed in Me because you call upon My name.  Again, I say to you, “FOOLS”.  You do not study My word to show yourselves approved unto Me.  For I am not concerned with the words of your mouth as much as I am your heart.  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  And many of you call upon My name with an unrepented heart.  Do you really think that I shall hear your prayers?  Do you not know that it is a broken and contrite heart that I shall not despise?  But I shall turn a deaf ear to the prayers of those that regard iniquity in their hearts.
Oh, My little children, I come to you all this day with truth.  And many of you find My words hard to bear.  This is because you have followed after lies and not My truth.  The prophets and teachers that many of you follow are of the devil.  They lie to you for gain and many of you love to have it so.

Oh, My precious ones, can you not see the seriousness of this warning to you all?  Time is up.  I am no longer withholding My hand from My judgments.  Oh, but many of you say that I no longer judge.  Well to those who say this, I say to you this day, “Lullaby and Goodnight”.  May you keep on sleeping unto your death…….

Oh, but many of you say that this warning is not of God for God would not speak like this to His children.  Oh foolish ones.  You do not have, nor do you seek after the fear of the Lord.  For if you truly had fear of Me, you would not tell yourselves such lies but would fall on your knees instead.

But I tell you now, many of you, I say, MANY of you will reject this last warning of Mine to repent.  And so I say to those mocking this word of Mine, “Get ready to meet your God and Maker.  And when you do, it shall not be pleasant for you.  For I will declare to you, “Depart from Me for I never knew you”.  And then you shall both realize and accept the fear of the Lord.  But as I said, it shall not be pleasant for you…….
Repent, My people.  Time is short.  It is now just a matter of time before this thing strikes.  I love you all, My dear ones and do not desire that any of you perish.  So I say again “REPENT”, before it is too late……

First Posted on April 1, 2013 by Kevin Barrett at Hear His Heart.

Note: The author of this word is NOT the Kevin Barrett that has converted to Islam, is affiliated with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance (MUJCA) and political activism of this nature.  Having read much of the author's blog, I feel that he is a true believer and that this word is indeed inspired.

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