Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whose Holy Days Are You Celebrating???

Of course you know that people around the world celebrate many days of the year, and use many specific practices and rituals for each.

Would it surprise you to know that in ancient Israel, long before Christ, the bible reports women baked cakes in the spring in celebration?  And that even then people dyed eggs?

Would it surprise you that in the dark of winter, people would bedeck themselves in their finest clothing and have huge feasts and exchange gifts for 12 days?

Would it surprise you to know that TODAY Wiccans and Satanists, Pagans and Atheists and Christians, around the world celebrate these two feasts, Easter and Christmas, also known as Ostara and Saturnalia, with LITTLE difference in practices from household to household?

These links are to the google search only.  It will pull up the google images search of their holidays calendar.

Did you know that these feasts are CLEARLY spoken of against in the scriptures?  Jeremiah 7:18, Jeremiah 10:1-5, Deuteronomy 12:30

Did you know that the Bible CLEARLY gives us Holy Days to celebrate that are pleasing to God? Leviticus 23

Would it surprise you to know that Yeshua was crucified on the exact day that the Passover Lamb was to be slain as a blood covering for the people of YHWH?  That he rose on First Fruits, becoming the perfect providence of YHWH for His people?  That the Holy Spirit was poured onto the disciples on Shavuot to write the Law on their hearts of flesh, the very day that they were to celebrate the giving of the Torah on stone tablets from Mt. Sinai?

This will also pull up the google images of the Feasts of the Lord calendar.  One example is shown here.

As you learn these amazing prophetic points of the Feasts that are given to us by YHWH in His Holy Scriptures, you may begin to consider... is there more to these Holy Days that I have missed?

Consider the Feast of Trumpets.... Celebrating the coming of a King and His army with the blowing of trumpets.

Yom Kippur... fasting and repentance before the Book of Life is closed.

Sukkot, the Festival of Booths.... Living in temporary structures, in joy and celebration, structures that are beautified and decorated to look like a Wedding Sukkah.

They may be only 'shadows' of things to come.

But at least they are not LIES from the adversary and enemy of our souls.

Never compromise.
Never accept second best.


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