Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Good Way to Spend the Weekend - Canning

I love canning. Really. I have a running list, all year long, of things I want to can. Before we moved out of the city we had the canner set up at all times and we got into the habit of canning something every weekend, and any leftovers when I made a large meal.

And it was awesome.

First of all, I LOVE doing things with my husband. And he loves canning too! I love working beside him, planning with him, and just being anywhere he is in general.

I know - MUSH!

But it is true.

Secondly, I love canning because I can step back after I am finished and SEE that I produced something. With a few hours of labor (and piles of dishes) I can produce meals, side dishes, and treats that will be preserved for up to 25 years. Military studies have shown that after 25 years, canned food begins to lose nutritional value, but is still edible for upto 40 years! Of course, most of our food gets eaten within a years time. Since I am constantly canning, I feel no need to 'wait' to open a jar. I know I'll be replacing it soon enough with another tasty meal.

And thirdly, I love canning because I am REALLY good at it. I believe that all people have gifts, talents, and special abilities that the Lord has given them to enjoy and bless others with. Canning seems to be just right for me. At first, it seemed so intimidating, but once I got started, it came EASILY!

YAY for canning!

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  1. It is beautiful caroline! Good job Lady! :) I love seeing those filled jars!