Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids Discount

Coordinate a bulk order, receive free lids!

Organize a 5,000 lid order, or larger, for your friends,
family, church group or other organization and you will receive
one free case of Wide Mouth lids, AND one free case of
Regular lids, shipped to your doorstep.

Orders over 5,000 pieces will receive a 15% discount
from our retail price. Custom orders will be accepted,
and the entire shipment must be sent to a single mailing address.

Call 877-747-2793 for further details.

Shipping charges apply
Offer expires 12/31/2011

I have just a couple dozen of these lids. I LOVE THEM! After reading another of my favorite bloggers, Patrice at discuss canning with them, I have had a 100% seal rate. Add to this, the lids are guaranteed for 20 years, BPA free, and don't rust. Awesome.

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