Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Do I Homeschool?

Many times I have been asked, "Why do you homeschool?"

I understand that for many, the thought of homeschooling their children never occurred to them. Public schooling is so normalized, so convenient, so status quo. And after all, the school system is held to high and lofty standards regarding our children's education and safety while in their care, right?

I feel that as a parent I am uniquely qualified to love and raise my children. And the bible clearly directs my husband and I to be solely responsible for their education. Now, some parents, like myself, choose to follow that literally.
"You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up." Deuteronomy 6:7

So I will keep my children with me, and utilize all the available teaching moments I come across in the day. I will find curriculum (which are plentiful) to supplement the learning environment. My children help in the garden and learn the growing process of plants. My children care for their pets and learn about the life cycle of animals. My children help in the kitchen and learn the joy of cooking and measuring ingredients. My children go to the park and run for hours and then go home to take a nap. They may not realize yet that this is science, or math or exercise. But there can be no argument that they are learning.

I feel that the social aspects of homeschooling and public schooling are misconstrued. My homeschooled child has friends. We have playdates at various homes and the park on many occasions. And when we go somewhere on our own, every other child is happily greeted by my outgoing children with smiles and "hellos." And why is that? Because that is how I 'taught' my children to greet others. When my son went to the local firehouse with Daddy one day, he happily talked with them and answered their questions. Daddy was very proud.

Some have argued that our public schools teach, Love, Tolerance, and Kindness. Are these not 'Christian' ideals?
You cannot remove Jesus Christ from christianity. You either proclaim Him, or you don't. "Love everybody" does not equal "christianity." So as a Christian, I have to choose my priorities.
And in my home, I am allowed to proclaim him.

Now some have argued with me that I am not allowing my son to choose his own path. And I will admit that is partly true. When my son is in my home he must respect me and listen to my words. And he must obey the rules of my house. But when he is an adult, he will make his own home and be responsible for making his own decisions. I hope to prepare him for those choices he will face.
But by sending my children to public school, I am allowing someone else to build his worldview. I am depending on someone else to portray world events, past and present, without bias. And I am placing a vulnerable child, whom I love, in the care of someone whom I do not know.

This of course doesn't include the incredibly poor test scores of the local school district, the high percentage of drug users by voluntary surveys and burgeoning student/teacher ratios, and disturbing accounts of violence, hazing incidents to school shootings.

Some have questioned, "Why not send your christian children to the public school system, so that they may be a light to others?"

I do not feel that we should ever argue keeping young children in an unsafe atmosphere so they can be "light." How can a small child stand against a throngs of unbelievers, being mocked by fellow students and teachers alike for their simple faith.

Jesus did not send out children to teach the gospel. He sent out strong adult men, after having taught them personally for almost 3 years, this after they had already grown up in Jewish Society, knowing the scriptures personally.

I know that the responsibility to educate my child is enormous. I do not take it lightly. I know that as my child grows and learns, and eventual becomes an adult, his success will weigh heavily on me. My husband and I pray, research, discuss and work toward this day.

Personally, I feel I'm giving my children the very best option available.


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  1. AMEN! Spoken in truth, and beautifully articulated! Irrefutable!