Monday, February 4, 2013

Making Candles Today

We use candles quite often.  Most particularly for the Sabbaths.  They fill the house with a warm gentle glow that encourages quietness and peace.  For the most part candles are inexpensive.  But cutting a little here and there from the budget is always a good idea.
And knowing how to make something for yourself is always a great idea!
I just got this double boiler on my local Freecycle.  I highly recommend joining any similar programs in your area.  The woman also had boxes of old half used candles.  She just never got around to using them.  Trust me, I understand!
Before I had the double boiler I would use a large tin can inside of my stock pot.  It did work well.  But the double boiler is very nice too!
Melting the wax down is quite simple.  Boil water in your bottom pot and put pieces of wax in the top pot adding more as it melts.  Carefully pour into your desired containers.  I put a piece of cardboard under my containers.  Last time I did not and spent a ridiculous amount of time scraping wax off my stove top.
Place your wick (I ordered premade ones from amazon, a huge bag of them) in the middle of your container before the wax cools,  I then place a small piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle over the wick to keep it upright in the middle.
It is slow work, melting the wax.  I called it a day after I had six of these cans made into candles.
With a little work these would also make nice gifts, if you only added specific colors of wax (I just threw it all in for these), used pretty containers, add a scent, a ribbon, etc.
This size will burn three or four days straight.  Or many many nights if only used during the dark.

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