Friday, February 15, 2013

Please Pray For The Hendersons

Some of my readers are aware that I have been supporting and praying for a family, that we lovingly call 'Clan Henderson'.  My dear friend Erica and her husband Jeff have suffered through almost two years, jumping through hoops, phone calls, emails, filing court documents, court dates and counseling sessions.

Their children too have suffered.  I am so sad to report that these children have been truly abused in their foster homes.  The children have been mocked for and refused their religious rites.  As if that were not enough, the children have been covered in bruises on many occasions and are reporting that they have been in fights with other foster children, suffered inexplicable injuries, and, as my stomach turns, have suffered sexual abuses as well.

My heart cries for these poor babes.  They are so young, so little and so defenseless.  I look at their pictures and see little children that simply need people to love and care for them.

Unfortunately , it doesn't seem to matter to the courts that Jeff and Erica have fulfilled all their court requirements regarding parenting classes, counselling sessions, arbitrary visitation and court schedules, sometimes three court dates in one week.  It doesn't seem to matter that Jeff and Erica have struggled to maintain a home ready for the children at all times.  It doesn't seem to matter that there were no charges for abuse to begin or end with.  For a full review of this story see -

On Thursday, Jeff and Erica will be returning to court.  It is rumored that the court will rule to terminate parental rights and put the children up for adoption.

I am asking for prayer.

Pray that the court would return the children to these parents who LOVE their children and have never abused them in any manner.  Pray that this family can be reunited and find healing after this ordeal.

If the children are not returned now.... I fear to think of what will happen to them.  Taken from their parents, half of them being too young to retain decent memories of them, torn even from the support of each other and thrown into half a dozen homes, where they have already suffered so much just in these two years. What will happen in the next 18?

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