Monday, February 25, 2013

The Career of Motherhood

"Every mother loves her children, but not every mother loves motherhood! This is why many mothers feel frustrated and hemmed in. They spend years training for their career and now mothering is a threat to their plans. Of course they love their children, but they reject the career of motherhood!

Dear mother, can I share with you a secret? It's not enough to love your children; you have to love and embrace your career of mothering to enter into the fullness and anointing of all that God intends for you. It is your highest destiny. It is God's plan for you. Why not stop "kicking against the pricks" and enjoy it?

Start right now and say out loud, "I LOVE MY CAREER OF MOTHERHOOD!" Come on now, say it again! "I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!" The more you confess it the more it will become part of you. You are going to become a motherhood lover! You are going to start laughing instead of frowning."

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Nikolai Ovchinnikov. Motherhood. 1970

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  1. I embrace motherhood. Housekeeping.... not so much. LOL