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Awe and Shalom

One morning, a short time ago, I had a dream that I believe was from YHWH. It left me with a feeling of awe and SHALOM. Strong's Concordance defines Shalom (7965) as completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord.

I have studied the main images in my dream from the Word. I included the verses that I felt pertained to my dream's context. It was a fascinating study for me and led me into scriptures that I did not recall reading before. I put an asterisk next to some of the scriptures that I felt were particularly relevant, but unfortunately I was not consistent doing this. I will go back through and add them later.

Below, I include some of my thoughts and conclusions after reading these scriptures. I welcome other ideas and interpretations as well!

I am so sorry that I am unable to explain the richness of color that struck my eyes at every turn. EVERYTHING was vivid and multicolored and utterly breathtaking.

In the waning sunlight (psalm 113:3, isaiah 45:6, psalm 50:1, malachi 1:11, psalm 104:19, matthew 8:11). I stepped out of my home and was walking around between the various gardening areas. There seemed to be many other people there (joel 2:16, numbers 21:16, isaiah 11:12, ezekiel 28:25, psalm 50:5, isaiah 66:18, joel 3:2, luke 6:44), but I did not converse with them. They were all out and wandering in the gardens also.

The first thing that struck my eyes was that all the trees (leviticus 23:40, 1 kings 6:32, deuteronomy 8:8, revelation 7:3, genesis 1:11, leviticus 19:23, nehemiah 9:25, psalm 148:9, ecclesiastes 2:5, song 6:11) were in full bloom (song 2:15, isaiah 35:2, song 6:11, 1 corinthians 7:36, song 2:13, joel 2:22, isaiah 35:1, 1 kings 6).

The orchard trees had grown and were covered in leaves and huge sweet smelling (song 5:13, ephesians 5:2, philipians 4:18, exodus 30:7, exodus 39:38, exodus 40:27, isaiah 43:24) blooms. There bases were surrounded by flower beds that were bursting (mark 13:28, proverbs 3:10, matthew 24:32, isaiah 54:3). And as I neared I saw that every bloom had a bee (1 samuel 14:25, isaiah 7:18)

A wasp (exodus 23:28, deut 7:20, joshua 24:12, revelation 9:5, proverbs 23:32) came from somewhere and began to circle me. I attempted to back up but it just circled more tightly. I began to run and then I flew away (zech 2:6, song 2:17, matt 24:16, luke 21:21, matthew 10:23, exodus 21:13) leaving the wasp behind.

Every tree I passed was so green (luke 23:31, genesis 9:3, psalm 23:2, proverbs 11:28, psalm 92:14, joel 2:22, psalm 105:35, revelation 9:4). And as I flew overhead I saw each tree had hundreds of birds (isaiah 18:6, matt 8:20, psalm 104:17, isaiah 31:5, . Each tree a different family of bird, hummingbirds, swallows, sparrows, finches (psalm 84:3, matt 10:29). Their colors shone (matt 6:29) in the setting sunlight.

Then I flew up, higher into the sky watching the last light of the setting sun. The clouds (1 thes 4:17, ecc 12:2, rev 1:7, mark 13:26, job 22:14, dan 7:13, psalm 147:8) changed their shape and looked like many doves (song 2:14, john 1:32, psalm 55:6*, song 6:9, psalm 68:13, jere 48:28, hosea 11:11) pushing me with their wings (zech 5:9, eze 1:11, eze 10:21, exo 25:20).

The sun set and darkness (1 john 2:11, matt 6:23, john 1:5, isaiah 8:22, job 10:22, isaiah 60:2, psalm 139:12, job 23:17, exodus 10:21, jeremiah 13:6, isaiah 9:2, joel 2:2) filled the earth.

I began to fall to earth and landed in my gardens that no longer had any plantlife (jeremiah 12:11, ezekiel 30:7, ezekiel 36:34, ezekiel 33:28, ezekiel 29:12, matt 23:38, micah 7:13, job 38:27, revelation 12:6, isaiah 35:6) but were covered in thick, clean, white snow (matt 28:3, revelation 1:14, lament 4:7, job 37:6, job 38:22, isaiah 55:10, psalm 147:16, psalm 51:7). As far as I could see were fields of snow. But I was not cold.

The earth began to shake (haggai 2, isaiah 52:2, hebrews 12:26, isaiah 13:13, amos 9:1, nehemiah 5:13, matt 27:15, revelation 16:18, 2 sam 22:8, psalm 18:7, psalm 75:3, joel 2:10, nahum 1:5) and a wind (song 4:16, ecc 1:6, exodus 10:13, hosea 13:15, exodus 10:19, eph 4:14, isaiah 41:16) filled the air.

Suddenly furrows (psalm 65:10, job 39:10) and trenches (1 kings 18:32, 1 kings 3:16) appeared covering the landscape, still laden with snow. I heard awed whispers, "What is happening?" "What is happening?"

I laughed and looked with awe (luke 5:26, matt 9:8, hebrews 12:28, 1 chron 16:25).

"YHWH (exo 3:14, joel 2:27, john 9:5) is planting the fields." (john 4:36, 1 cor 3:7, 1 cor 3:9, gen 21:33, gen 26:12, ex 15:17, lev 26:5, deut 6:11, josh 24:13, 2 sam 7:10, 1 chron 17:9, psalm 44:2, psalm 104:16, ecc 2:5, ecc 3:2, isaiah 60:21*, isaiah 61:3*, isaiah 65:22, jere 11:17, jere 18:9, jere 29:5, jere 32:41, eze 17:5, eze 17:7, eze 28:26, eze 34:29)

As we watched, the sun rose and though the snow remained, every hole burst out with pumpkins (jonah 4:6), potatoes (romans 11:18, ), and loaves of bread (matt 4:3, matt 14:17, matt 15:33, john 6:26, hebrews 9:2, lev 23:17, judges 8:5, 1 sam 10:4, 2 kings 4:42, 1 sam 25:18, 1 kings 14:3).

Trees popped up along the landscape hanging heavily with oranges (song 2:3, song 8:5). (health attributes of orange and yellow foods = good vision, these are fall colors)

"YHWH is feeding his people." (zech 11:4, isaiah 61:6, jere 9:15, jere 23:2, 1 peter 5:2, acts 20:28, reve 12:6*, eze 34:15, 1 chron 11:2, reve 7:17*)

Though I did not turn side to side to see the others with me, I could see all of our hands reaching out (jere 4:31*, god reaching out to us) and grabbing handfuls (psalm 72:16, ecc 4:6, offerings measured in handfuls) of the food that had grown. It was so abundant that the furrows remained overflowing as we devoured the food.

Someone handed me an orange (gen 1:11, lev 19:23, neh 9:25, psalm 148:9, ecc 2:5) and the juice dripped all over my hands and face. It was so flavorful and each had 20 or 30 seeds (matt 6:26, matthew 13:4, matthew 13:25, mark 4:31, john 12:24, 2 cor 9:6, isaiah 61:11, seeds) . And I knew that each seed was fertile (isaiah 55:10, luke 8:8, gen 48:4, mark 4:8, matt 13:8).

Then I woke up.


After my prayer and study of the Word, I feel that this dream is about The Day of the Lord.  I feel that YHWH gave me this dream and that the imagery in it symbolizes His providence for His people.

It led me to read areas of scripture, which I did not recall prior to this study.

Joel chapter 2 seemed very prominent.  Reading this book again after this study I was surprised about this apparently neglected clear description of end times and the promises for His people.

Next in prominence as I did this word study were scriptures in the Song of Songs.  I had read this book on many occasions, but for myself NEVER saw it's prophetic characteristics.  I saw.... a love song.  I see now that this book is discussing YHWH's relationship with His bride.

I believe this dream shows us that those who are sealed and in the book of Life will be provided for.  The scriptures (that I read during this study) indicate that the trees will flourish and grow until the last day and the flowers will bloom.  We will have beauty and hope and we will have food.

I believe this dream also indicates, by the position of the sun that the hours of daylight are waning and the sun will soon be setting.  As we get closer, the enemy will be after us.  He will pursue us.  But just when it seems that we cannot possibly escape, we will be taken away for a time, and THAT is when utter darkness will fall.

We will be returned to the earth immediately after ALL THINGS are made clean and white as snow.  And then YHWH Himself will give us our "food".  We already know that the Word is our 'daily bread', 'sweet as honey', and 'man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of YHWH'.  He will feed His people.

I also believe the foods in my dream were of particular importance.  They are all orange, yellow and brown.  Orange foods are scientifically proven to provide essential nutrients for 'good vision'.  I think this implies that our 'food' from YHWH will remove any blindness and confusion from our eyes.

I also notice that these colors are clearly 'Autumn Colors'.  I believe that this coincides with our Messiah returning during the Autumn time of the year, at the Biblical Feast of YHWH - Yom Teruah, aka The Feast of Trumpets.  Just as this Feast prophesies the coming of the King, it begins the 'Days of Awe', and leads to Yom Kippur, the day that the Book of Life is closed and our futures sealed by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, The Holy Spirit.

After the reading of the Book of Life, and separation of the wheat and the tares (which look exactly alike before harvest time) there will be the GREAT wedding feast and celebration, Sukkot, aka The Festival of Booths.

The last image in my dream was of the orange.  Overflowing with sweet tasting, satisfying juice and a MULTITUDE of fertile seeds, I believe this shows that in the coming Kingdom we will want for nothing.  We will have a rich life.  It will be fertile with joy and satisfaction.  And as every seed promises.... a future.


To read more about understanding, interpreting and determining if dreams are indeed from YHWH, please see -

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