Monday, June 17, 2013

Quote du Jour - Clay McLean

When men have lost All reason and evil seems to win,
Then compromise is treason and silence is a sin.
Let all who hate the darkness prepare to stand and fight
The children of the morning must stand against the night.
When all that Wisdom treasures is treated with disgrace
And idols of damnation are set up in their place
When every Holy Symbol is fading out of sight,
The children of the morning must stand against the night.
We'll do the work of Heaven against a setting sun
Until the final darkness when no work can be done.
Then watching for the Bridegroom with oil lamps burning bright,
We will worship in the darkness and stand against the night,
Against the final darkness no human strength can stand,
The evil will be shattered but not by human hand.
The Maker of the Morning will come in Holy Light
That burns in righteous anger and wrath against the night.
Then comes the final morning when All will be restored.
The shadowlands transformed by The Glory of The LORD.
When every darkened memory is washed in healing Light
Where there will be no warfare for there will be no night.

Clay McLean. "Against The Night"

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