Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calling the Kettle Black?

Right now on forums and websites all over this country, gays are celebrating that they have been freed from the burden of the law. I want you to think about that.

I find it terribly interesting that this SCOTUS ruling has so many Christians saying that this is going to be the final straw, this is the judgment that is going to be the death knell for America. That disasters are forthcoming. I find it odd because they are so vicious towards homosexuals while giving themselves a pass on the many things they do to violate scriptures. Is gay sex between non-believers really more heinous than believers knowingly reenacting child sacrifice rituals in honor of God, or eating unclean flesh in church, or the adultery and fornication going on in the ministry? The problem isn't the world -- they are being the world -- EXPECT IT! The problem is us focusing on the world and giving ourselves a big, fat hypocritical pass. If you believe God's laws are good, then follow all of them that you can (not just the ones you think are reasonable) -- but don't expect the world to do it. And if you don't -- don't you dare preach to those who aren't -- the world has enough problems without more stumbling blocks being placed in their way. Love means not holding people to standards that they can easily identify as hypocritical -- thus poisoning their perception of the one true standard.

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