Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Best Chocolate I Ever Had ~ Homemade

This chocolate was EASY to make.  So easy that I actually made a batch every couple of days when I had a good stock of coconut oil on hand.  It was also EXTREMELY delicious.

1 part coconut oil
1 part cocoa powder
1 part sugar (brown was my fave)
optional coconut flakes, chopped nuts, chopped dried fruits, etc

Usually I did not warm the coconut oil, but worked the cocoa powder and sugar in with a fork.  The coconut oil is pretty soft at room temperature during this time of the year, and mixed easily.  When well mixed, I then added extras, usually coconut flakes.
I then spread it out on wax paper in a dish and place it in the fridge to firm back up for a couple of minutes.

That's it!  Seriously!  5- 10 minutes and you have HOMEMADE yummy chocolate. <3

Once, I heated the coconut oil and then mixed the ingredients.  In this batch the sugar all sunk to the bottom and did not remain well mixed.  It was still yum though! LOL.  This batch did result in a much SMOOTHER and GLOSSY chocolate though.  So If you were willing to work with it more and wanted a beautiful presentation, such as for gifts, this would be a good method to try.

You can also add less sugar to get a semi sweet chocolate.

Original recipe found here -

And a similar recipe -

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