Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Home Storage Center - aka LDS Food Store

Recently I ventured to the Home Storage Center, or as I have been calling it, the LDS Food Store.  It was a couple hours drive from my home, but I was in the area (picking up my goats).

For those interested in learning more about food storage, expanding your pantry and long term storage and to meet some like minded people, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING!

You do not have to be LDS or Mormon to shop there.  Anyone is welcome.  They accept all major forms of payment.  And they provided EXCELLENT customer service.

Initially I was unable to locate the appropriate door to enter.  I asked someone in the parking lot, who happily led me inside and to their cashiers desk.  A gentleman approached and welcomed me.  I explained that I was new to the store and had a few questions.  Number one, "Am I allowed to shop here since I am not a Mormon?"  This may seem a silly question to some, but since I knew the LDS church ran the store, and I was unable to find much information online about the store, I thought this was a possibility.

They assured me that they welcome ANYONE.

He then showed me the order form and explained the different choices to me.  Namely, the canned items will be good and edible for 30 years, while the other foods will need to be packed up and used in a more timely manner, depending on your packaging methods.

After discussing what items would be most useful for my family, I filled out the order form.  Several people then went to gather my items.  While they did this, the gentleman showed me some of their canning supplies, for canning #10 tin cans.

Once my items were gathered, they verified my order and rang me up.  Then they helped me out to my car and loaded up my food.

This excellent service was all provided by volunteers.  In addition to running their store, they also ran a large food bank and were distributing food to the needy.

While they do not have a wide selection of food items, they have the basics and provide recipes for providing healthy meals for your family using just these items.  Their prices were quite comparable, even with my extreme price hunting.  The packages are packed extremely well, and are high quality.

If you have a chance, check it out!

US Order Form -

To learn more about the Family Home Storage  -

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