Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Little Girls with Horns And Everything

I am so VERY excited.  On tuesday, I am going to pick up three beautiful little goat does.  They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  So they are small, under 20 inches tall (around knee height) and unlike pygmy goats, they are proportional and not tubby.  They are also reportedly quite friendly and good with children.

Here are their glamour shots.....

Now..... for my reasoning on WHY ON EARTH DO I WANT GOATS?!  :)

First - I love them.  They are cute.  They are sweet if you work with them.  They are loving if they know they can trust you.

Second - NOTHING naturally clears a plot of land of brambles, weeds and grasses like a hungry goat.  And they fertilize as they go. :)

Third - If bred, they will produce something even more adorable..... BABY goats.  Yes yes yes, little bundles of fur and knobby knees with two big beautiful eyes.

Fourth - If they kid (have babies) they will produce MILK!  Highly nutritious milk.

Fifth - My son, has been asking for several months for a mama and baby goat for his sixth birthday.

This last reason..... is just awesome to my mind.  My son could have asked for star wars toys, video games, or movies.

But he asked for a farm animal.  He asked for something to take care of and love.

He ASKED for responsibility.

As much as I love goats, THIS was the deciding factor in our search for goats now.

I am so very happy about my son and how he is growing up.  He asks me hard questions.  He challenges me daily.  And he has learned some amazing lessons that will make him a strong and amazing man of God.  I think he will make an EXCELLENT little farmer.

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