Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Is Finally Here

I love spring.  I love the warming days.  I love the light rains.  I love the little green growing leaves that sprout where before were just dead looking sticks of nothing.

With this wonderful *buzzzzzz* of life (hehe) I get to start planting a few things!

Like....  Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Peas, Corn, and Beans.

I have a variety of sources for my seeds, roots and plants.

Most of my potatoes are from my local grocery store.  If they started sprouting, I stuck them in a breathable bag in my laundry room.  Of course..... my shelf in the laundry room quickly filled up.  So there is some overflow on my kitchen counter.  It will be nice to get those ALLLLLLL outside in the dirt where they belong.

My father gave me MANY onion and garlic seeds from his garden last fall.  I put most of those out last fall right before the rains.  I don't know what will come of them.  If nothing, I can try starting some indoors in a more controlled situation.  But maybe.... something.

I also found BAGS and BAGS of onion starts for 50% off at Walmart.  Since it is still spring, and they were this years starts.... I have no idea why they were on sale.  But I rejoiced at getting my starts cheaper than $0.01 each.

From my local Feed provider I was able to get 50lb bags of forage peas and chick peas for a remarkable price.  Since the forage peas are mostly for animal consumption, we seeded them all around our duck pond that was very bare.  Maybe that was wasteful, considering that they can be consumed by humans.  But then again, if they do well, the animals will be happier, well fed, and perhaps I will still be able to harvest some for the family.  But I was extremely excited about the Chickpeas.


We had never had it before last summer.  I thought is was something stupid, granola, and tasteless.

It isn't.  It is awesome.  It is delicious.  And it makes you FEEL GOOD about eating it, while your mouth rejoices at the taste and your belly is filled.  Too much mush over hummus???  I think not. :)

I also found some heirloom peas and corn from American Meadows.  I was really shocked at how difficult it was to find heirloom corn.  When checking my local stores and fellow gardeners, I kept getting the same question, "Why would you want heirloom when the hybrid is so sweet?"

Oh, fellow gardeners and gardening stores..... that question makes me so sad.  Why would I want heirloom seed?   Why would I want something that scientists didn't tamper with?  Why would I want something that had been grown, cultivated, and preserved for hundreds of years by happily fed farmers?  Why would I want a plant that produced viable seed for the future?  Apparently I could have written a blog just about my search for corn. LOL

And beans...... wait... beans..... no way.... there is no way... I HAVE NO BEAN SEED!  With all my seed hunting, and all my seed buying, how did I miss BEANS!  Green Beans.  Lima Beans.  Black Beans.  Red Beans.  OMG!  I have no bean seed?!?!

I guess you know what I'll be googling as soon as I sign off here. :)

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