Sunday, April 15, 2012

FDA = Federally Mandated Poisoning of the Masses

You may hear alot about the rising obesity in America, the diabetes, the high cholesterol, the strokes, the cancers, and ultimately untimely death.

You may hear alot about the horrors of eating red meat or anything with fat.

You may hear alot about the food pyramid, now replaced with 'my plate'.  You may hear alot about the government beginning to work on new regulations to keep America healthy.

They are taking care of us.  Right?

But what about

Our flour containing known carcinogens -

Our chicken containing arsenic -

Our water containing a known poison - and

Our vaccines containing mercury, formaldehyde, msg and aborted fetal tissue - and

And today.  Another farm is being raked through the coals over raw milk. -

Commenters deride those who drink raw milk, calling them crazy, idiots, drug addicts (how that comes in, I'm not sure), and anti-government.  These simple dairy farmers are treated like criminals.

But sooooo often I hear about

Egg Recalls because of salmonella -
Ground Beef Recalls because of ecoli numerous times -
Peanut Butter Recalls because of salmonella -
Tylenol Recalls because of undisclosed contaminants and multiple issues -

Mere months ago, I allowed my son to eat store bought cabbage without washing it first.  He was terribly ill for a week.  Is this criminal?  Don't I need somebody to blame, somebody to FIX IT for me?

So here, we have this small dairy farm that caters to 48 households.  It has not even been proven that this is what caused the children's sickness.  But the media is going to tout it as loudly as possible, because it suits the Big Brother agenda.  Raw milk doesn't conform to that agenda.  It is being treated like some sort of illegal drug.  All the while the government PUSHES a million other substances, food, drugs, and otherwise, that are known, and proven to cause serious damage to human beings.  Have you paid attention to drug ads lately?  Those side effects are hardly 'mild'.

They want to control every aspect of your lives.  Your health care (pharmicological and big money or herbal and affordable), your child birth options (hospital, epidural, c-sections and big money, or home birth and trusting your bodies natural ability to birth a child), your educational choices (government run public indoctrination centers and big money, or homeschooling and taking responsibility for your own babies), what you plant (monsanto hybrid genetically modified pesticidal seeds or heirloom seeds that you have collected and farmers before you for hundreds of years), what you buy (FDA approved food choices or farmers markets and your own backyard), what you eat (store bought processed foods filled with preservatives and artificial flavoring and colors, or homemade loaves of bread, home raised chickens and fresh salad from your garden), what you speak (politically correct, never offensive, half truths, or the whole truth and nothing but the truth at all times), and what you think (...  ).

I dare you to step out.  I dare you to question.

I realize I am throwing so many points up here.  But it is all part of the whole.  They are trying so hard to raise up their little drones, their chattle, their pawns to play with as they will.  We are not people to them.  We are numbers.  We are dollar signs $$$ and power to them.

Step out.

Go outside, away from the TV, away from the computer.  Plant an heirloom seed.  Raise a chicken from an egg.  Identify and collect some wild weed in your yard to make salad (dandelion) or tea (nettle) or a poultice (plantain).

You may just realize you don't NEED Big Brother and all his 'specialized care'.

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