Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Garden Research Underway.....

I have garden fever.  Yes.  It is December, I know.

To help me through this dark and dreary time of year I look upon my south window garden frequently.

Happy little celeries, lettuces and green onions growing from scraps!  Gotta love Pinterest ideas.  Pretty little young celery growing out of those 'useless' ends that we usually throw away!

Yesterday I was able to collect all my seed together and take stock.  It was a HAPPY day.  I was pleased to find that I had many varieties of most of my favorite gardening items.  I definitely had some holes in my garden plans though.  With a quick jaunt on the internet over to Main Street Seed and Supply, and Amazon, I found what I needed and MUCH MORE.

This beautiful citrus collection has been in my sights for some time now. Lemon, lime and orange.  I was very pleased to find that they grow well in my area, if sheltered during freezes.  My mother in law has three lime trees and they are covered with beautiful, tasty limes.

And my son has asked for us to add Paw Paw's to the homestead.  We attended a local Home Orchard Society show and were able to taste local fruits.  The paw paw was quite delicious and grows quite prolifically outdoors in this area.

Yesterday I also planted some Royal Empress seeds in the hopes of growing a few of these beautiful trees.

I was going to also plant some grape seed that we saved from the Home Orchard Society show.  Yes, we tasted their fruit and then smuggled out our favorite seeds, hehe.  But doing some research we learned that we needed to stratify our seeds.  This meant placing them in a moist, cold environment for two months.  So last night I placed them in a freezer bag in wet napkins and placed the in the fridge.  The seeds will 'think' this is winter and in two months I can take them out and plant them.

I will be starting building on my greenhouse over the next couple of weeks.  And in mid to late January I usually start many vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and cabbages.  Till then, I will look longingly at my little window garden.

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