Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nicole C. Mullen - Things Are About To Change!

Nicole C Mullen , "an American award-winning singer, songwriter, and choreographer" says of Truth and Tradition,

"Just got thru watching this video for the second time...yep, it just rocked my world! Hmmm...Things are about to change!"

This is so very exciting to see. I always loved singing her music. I knew her heart was solidly in love with her Yah.

One of my FAVORITE songs by her

And if you haven't seen Truth of Tradition, you really should.  It will absolutely floor you.

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  1. OFFICIAL Nicole C. Mullen
    If our hearts are truly set on worshiping Christ during this season, then we will have NO problem worshiping HIM in SPIRIT AND in TRUTH! Right?

    Much love y'all
    Grace and peace