Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why I Try

I have never said that I am righteous. I am simply TRYING to be righteous, and encouraging others to TRY to be righteous. And I define that righteousness PURELY from scripture, and encourage others to define their relationship with YHWH purely from scripture.

We recognize that we sin, all of us, all of the time. But why does that mean that we must WALLOW in that depravity? Why does that mean that we should not even TRY to become the new man after Christ?

The church in general has divorce rates, pornography addiction, drug abuse and physical abuse that matches the world in general. WHY?

Because after accepting Christ they are told they are depraved and there is NOTHING they can do about it. They don’t even try.

While others partake in festivals that are admittedly pagan in origin, full of pagan symbolism and props. Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, yule logs, easter eggs, rabbits and pastel cakes.

Of course I share my beliefs. Of course I share my experiences about the feasts. They are beautiful. They are prophetic. They are intertwined through scripture, old and new testaments. I challenge you to point out ONE POINT in the feasts that is pagan. I challenge you to point out ONE place where the bible says I cannot keep them.

My husband and I both agree that since celebrating the Sabbaths and the Feasts has OPENED the word for us. When I read the bible I am not sitting there thinking, “this doesn’t apply to me, what the heck does this mean, where did my fire go….”

If you don’t want to celebrate the feasts and sabbaths, that is your choice. My walk isn’t about you. My walk isn’t about anyone else. I didn’t do this because I looked around and said, “Wow, those guys are sinners.” I looked at me and knew - I - was a sinner. I am depraved. My very thoughts, words and deeds show that all the time.

But I love YHWH, and I will TRY to walk in a manner that is pleasing to Him. And I define that manner by the word alone. Not church doctrine, or general opinion, or current morality. The word alone.

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