Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Death to Our Enemies!

As we stepped out this evening after dinner for some fresh air, we heard the strangest sound.

It was like a chicken, crying.

We hurried to go find out what was going on.  Chickens were scattered around the yard as usual.  But it was obvious something was not normal.  Each bird was standing stock still, on alert, and the sound continued from our chicken coop.

We opened the door to find...

A weasel.

He was in the middle of his grisly work, and the poor chicken was still alive and suffering.

We were prepared.  But unfortunately the first shot missed.  The weasel darted out the door and under the coop which has a raised floor (necessary for our wet climate).  We split up to cover the building so it would not escape.  We waited for just moments.  The chickens in the yard already felt more brave and entered the coop smelling the blood.  Chickens are kind of gross that way.

And then I saw him!  Sneaking along the fence around the duck pond, he was trying to escape.  Yelling we ran.  The small, sleek animal was difficult to hit.  It would jump and twist in the air to avoid the shots.

But we got him.

After he was down we checked the coop to assess the damage.

6 dead and the one poor chicken severely injured.  With the enormous bite at his neck bleeding profusely, there was no recourse, we had to put it down.

But at least the villain was dead.

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