Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For the Love of Goats!

I am sure I have mentioned that I love goats.  Alot.

What I do NOT love, is having to chase them down, jump on them, wrestle them by the horns and force them BACK HOME after they have escaped for the fourth time today.

After a week of this, I have alot of dread now when I look out of my windows.  What will I see?  All is well and growing and my homestead is in order?

Or goats munching on my strawberries and fruit trees and pooping on my porches?

After attempting to repair and strengthen our existing fence that houses the goats, we are going to try one last method.

Electric Fence.

We hope that by ADDING this to our existing fence the goats will be deterred from their CONSTANT testing, breaking and destroying their home.

We hope that this works.  Goats add alot of value to our homestead if properly CONTAINED.  They provide delicious and healthy, low fat meat.  They provide healthy delicious milk, that can be drank (that sounds and looks so wrong, but I looked it up), and also turned into soaps and lotions.  They also provide several baby goats each year that can be sold or raised to grow the herd.

BUT ONLY if they are contained.

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