Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Beautiful New Buck

I found a GEM!  He is beautiful.  He is all goat musky smelling.  His horns are ENORMOUS.  And he is so, so, so short it is hilarious.

He is stubborn.  But he is SO gentle!

Buying a buck was risky.  Our experience last year with a goat buck left ALOT of broken fences, bruises, and goat stink.  That goat was a JERK!

So when I spoke on the phone with our man's owner, he assured me that he was sweet, friendly and never bucked him.  Hmmmmm, yeah.  We'll see.......

How shocked and OVERJOYED I was when I went to get him.  He was so gorgeous.

And best of all, as I walked him on a leash to my vehicle and lifted him into the back (he is sooooooo short) he set his feet a few times but DID NOT BUCK!  He has some stubbornness, but not a mean bone in his body.

I am in love!

Upon arrival at our home he was pretty scared, poor guy.  But then he heard a familiar noise!  My goat girlies were bleating their hellos.  He perked up immediately and yanked at the leash to get to them NOW!  We opened the door and he RAN IN!  YAY!

And for the second pleasant surprise of the day, my son's goat, Hennah immediately starting wagging her tail in his face.  She didn't beat around the bush.  So, right then and there we were blessed to witness our son's goat being bred.  So around October 4th we will have BABIES!

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  1. Hey there. Travis, online friend of Aaron's, here.

    So jealous about the goat - Jennifer and I dream about having goats as well. I was bugging Aaron to blog more about farm stuff, and he pointed me here.

    So: new reader, love the goat blogging, please keep it up!