Saturday, May 19, 2012

Treating Yeast and Fungal Infections at Home

In our efforts to become more self sustainable and provide for our own needs, we are sometimes thrown a challenge.

Like a yeast infection.  Gross, I know.  I apologize.  I promise I include this post because it has GOOOOOOOD news. :)

Of course, I hit google.

I am pregnant and this must be a serious consideration in any medication regiment I take.

And I read that most of the common treatments for this condition are not safe for pregnancy, specifically the one and three day treatments.  And sometimes you will have to double up on the 7 day treatment to find complete relief.

So not only do these treatments cost alot of money... they suck apparently.

So I consider what I know about yeast.....  It is a living, breathing, eating micro-organism.  We have a 'yeast infection' when they are out of balance and outnumber the beneficial organisms that live in and on our bodies.  For our homeschooling topics, I break it down like this.... there are good germs, and there are bad germs.  If these get out of balance, you have illnesses.  I like to keep it simple while still discussing these large topics.  I think for accuracy's sake I will have to say 'organisms' from now on though.

What kills yeast....

My immediate thoughts go to .....

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent health aid.  It helps with digestion of food, kills germs, and apparently is excellent at killing fungus as well.
And Kefir is a powerful probiotic.  It fills your body with healthful bacteria, that will assist your body in fighting off germs and apparently fungus also.  Plain yogurt could be used in place of kefir, but remember that kefir is much stronger.  You may need to use MORE yogurt, such as small servings 4 times a day.

Together these two simple homemade (or at least easily purchased) items, provide all that we will need to fight off this disgusting overgrowth of yeast in our system.

HOW TO.....

I purchased the cheapest douche kit available.  This included reusable bottles and the necessary nozzle.  This cost about $1.25 at Walmart for 4.  I used 1 the entire course of the treatment.  I poured out the included solution as it did NOT meet the requirements for fighting a yeast infection and could make it worse.

Twice a day, I filled this bottle halfway with apple cider vinegar and the remainder with warm water (for comfort).  I then followed the directions for use with the douche kit.  If there is some skin damage, this may cause some stinging.  I followed this with a cool water douche to cool and calm the area.  Yeast doesn't like cold.

Once a day, I drank 4-6oz of kefir.

Because I am foolish, and felt better after two days, I quit my regiment at 4 days.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  It came back with a fury.  I thought I was miserable before!

But after restarting my regiment, I again felt better after two days.  This time I kept it up for 7 days, and continued drinking my kefir daily after that.


DO NOT use White Vinegar.  For some reason this will actually FEED the yeast and make it worse.

DO NOT stop treatment when you feel better.  Keep it up for several days to make sure the balance stays in YOUR favor.

And of course.... If you don't find relief, go to a doctor!  While yeast infections are not serious, they can lead to discomfort, and pain.  They also can lead to a weakened immune system, making you more susceptible to any and all illness.  The main concern while pregnant is giving birth while having an infection, which can infect your fragile newborn.

And if you get yeast infections frequently you should consider learning more about Candida, and diets that assist in fighting this internal yeast overgrowth that affects many in our sugar soaked culture.  I highly recommend Atkins Low Carb Diet.  Meat and veggies are very self sustainable and packed with nutrients, besides tasting delicious.  This type of eating effectively starves off yeast, helping your body balance itself.  After a very short period of time, you will feel tremendous.


And now because I have stupid animals and was scratched by my stupid cat, I have ringworm.  Not at all attractive.  The solution???  Apple Cider Vinegar applied twice daily.  I love it. :)

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