Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kefir Recipes I Will Be Trying

Lithuanian Cold Borscht - Cold Beet Soup made with Kefir

I have tried store bought canned beets. YUCK!
But while visiting my grandparents I had a real FRESH beet added to my salad.  It was amazing.  I laugh when I think of it.  It tasted like really good, fresh dirt to me.  Sounds weird huh?  But I LOVED IT!  It was really delicious.  So I am eager to try a recipe with this little jewel in it.
If you have never tried a fresh beet, try it.

Kefir Cheese

I have never made cheese before.  This is supposed to be similar to Middle Eastern Labnah, with the consistency of cream cheese.  I do want to learn to make cheeses, and this looks like an excellent one to start with.

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