Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring in the Garden - 2012, Part I

My Indoor Seedlings.....

In these trays I have been planting, removing the bigs, and replanting.  So now it is a bit of a jumbled mess.  But I have a 'map' for each tray and with it I can still tell what everything is.  The squashes grow EXTREMELY fast, and once they start producing they are VERY prolific.  This is OK with me!  I love Zucchini!  I make MANY meals with it.  Sauteed with butter and tomatoes, shredded or cubed in spaghetti sauce, in long strips replacing lasagna noodles, shredded in delicious zucchini bread.  YUM!  I can freeze them for most of these recipes.  If you know of other ways of preserving these beauties, let me know!!

I have never grown pickling cucumbers before.  I have never made pickles before.  But the kids and I enjoy them, and so I planted several in the hopes we can try this year.

I hope to eventually have a greenhouse.  But until then, I am forced to start my seedlings inside the house and try to find a decent window for them to get light.  Window space is limited in my house, however, so I had to make some sort of shelf to utilize this space more.


With that in mind I looked around my house for 'shelving' materials.  It works.  And so far I've kept the kiddoes away from it. :)

Most of these will be moved outside around early June.

Coming soon! - My Outdoor Seedlings and My Orchard.

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