Friday, June 11, 2010

Because That's What Daddy Likes

My son has red hair.  REALLY red hair.  There are all those jokes about gingers (Southpark) and red heads being nothing but trouble.  He is alot of trouble.  But he's also a LOT of fun. :)

My husband likes the kids hair to be neat and unfortunately (in my mind) this means shaved.  Yes it's neat.  But I LOVE to see those red locks.  And since I asked my husband has been letting our son's hair grow out in all it's shining glorious flame of color.

But last night my son asked for a haircut.  I stopped short. "Why?  I love your hair!"

And he said, "Because that is what Daddy likes.  And Daddy is the boss."

I'm not too sad about it, I know it will grow back again.  Kind of nostalgic though...

So... here are my before and after pics.

They don't show the red well, but you can see he is a handsome little man.

It does make him look SOOOO much older and determined.

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