Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Love!

Today is my husband's birthday.  Ohhhh, How I love him!

He insists he wants nothing, which makes it difficult to find gifts for him.  I try my best anyways, because... I am a gift giver.  I recognize I got this from my grandmother who was also a gift giver.  I consider this one of her many good qualities.  But I also consider this one of her negative qualities.

While taking a class for homeschooling I heard of the 5 Love Languages.  With a completely pure and sincere heart, it would be easy for a person to assume that what equals love to them, would and SHOULD equal love to anyone else.  And this is not entirely so.

My husband despises 'stuff.'  He hates clutter, junk, useless gadgets that take up our living space and, as he sees it, hampers our ability to live our lives fully without baggage.

As I write this, I sadly look around my home, and see that I have NOT paid enough attention to my husband's needs, or been thoughtful enough about what equals love to him.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to peg my husband's Love language.  As he goes to work day after day, even evenings and weekends, it is clear that the biggest sign of true love in his eyes, is 'Acts of Service.'

My heart is convicted.  Because today is not the first time I realized that I am NOT being "My Best."  But today, on his birthday, when I want to bless him and show him my extreme gratitude for his love and his faithfullness.... I realize that instead of a box covered in wrapping paper and filled with .... something... What my husband wants the most is my continued efforts for our family, day in and day out.

That is what my heart wants too.  So I pray, Dear Lord, convict me where I am failing, encourage me where I am doing well, and please, please, please direct my path so that I am blessed.... and a blessing.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Amen and i agree to that prayer

  2. happy birthday to aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also need to strive to do better :) :)