Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fishing ... for fun and for little girls

Tuesday night my husband was working late. So I bundled up the kids and took them for a walk to the lake. Grandma had recently got my son a Lightning McQueen Fishing kit and he was EAGER to try it out.

Lake Sacagawea is our ONE refuge in this town. Three blocks of ghetto to get to two miles of wonderful.

So we went down to the south end there and I let my son cast for a bit.  I realized I had forgotten the camera... my son's first fishing attempts and I was missing this chance to capture it.  So I called my husband who was fortunately going to be leaving work in a bit and said he'd grab it.

We moved around the edge to a more shallow spot and Isaiah was doing great.  I looked at my little girl, stuck in the stroller.  I felt so bad for her, being stuck there, watching her brother and not being able to do anything but munch on cinnamon graham crackers.  So I let her out to walk around on the grass, and watch her brother in slightly more comfort.

Then my son notified me his hook was stuck, and it was, wrapped all around a plant right out of arms reach off the shore.  And out of the corner of my eye I see it, a little blue bundle rolling rolling..... Oh how I tried to reach her, but she rolled right into the lake.

I jumped in and grabbed her by her sturdy overalls and heaved her on to the beach.  She was wide eyed and shocked, she didn't even cry.  I looked up to see Daddy arriving.  I stripped her wet clothes off and wrapped her in a dry blanket and asked Daddy to take her home in the car which would be much faster than me walking her home.

I arrived home about 15 minutes later to hear her laughing and splashing in the bath.  So fortunately no lasting trauma for her.  I wish I could say the same about myself.  I love that little girl SOOOOOOO much.  My heart still quails thinking about it.  I think she can stay in the stroller .... for the next 5 years. :)

Here is some info on fishing at the lake if you are local...

And here is a free online course on First Aid and CPR.  You don't need it until you NEED it!  SO I encourage everyone to get a little refresher regularly.

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  1. I am so glad she is okay! I can only imagine what you must have felt. I think its awesome how quick you were to just jump in and get her!!! Will be a tale to tell for years to come ;)