Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Garden at Home

In front of our duplex, between the two front steps, is a little garden area. It is half ours, half our neighbors. I finally got around to digging up our half and turning it over. It took most of yesterday afternoon, and will be quite weed ridden for some time... but with some work it will be quite fruitful. The neighbor said we were welcome to use his side as well.

To start with I just planted 10 tomato plants in there. I hope to add some peas later this week.

Our neighborhood has quite a cat problem. I had read that Cayenne Pepper will keep them away and most pests, so I sprinkled some liberally over the newly loosened ground.


  1. Love it!! lovely garden and great pictures!

  2. Im commenting here about how much i enjoy looking at your pictures. Great pictures! MORE MORE MORE :) And more of your garden process!!!!