Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomatoes - au Natural

Due to the RECORD rainfall last month the community garden flooded.  And unfortunately the rain has slowed but continued, with weather reports saying this week will be cloudy and rain through Saturday, and even some more rain next week also.

After the majority of the water receded this last weekend, I went to assess the damage.  I fared quite well actually.  The potatoes, onions, beans, sunflowers, radishes and peppers are all alive and growing and well drained.  And my son's garden is doing very well on a little hill in the middle of the garden.

The entire back row where the corn is supposed to be ..... nothing.  I think perhaps the seeds were no longer viable, because they should have sprouted before the rains flooded us out anyways.

But, the far left corner of my garden is just a mud pit with nothing growing, and I lost that last row of tomatoes.  And, since the hailstorm that opened the month of May, already left me short on tomatoes, I was in dire need of getting some more.

I discussed it with my father, because he is full of ideas and sympathy usually. :)  And he did not fail me!

After last season, he rototilled his garden, leaving all the remaining vegetation there to add mulch and structure to the soil.  And this season he had tomatoes sprouting up everywhere!!  These were not in his plans so he was just going to hoe them down.

I was more than happy to take them off his hands!  I went and dug them up.  And while I was there my dad, being so very generous always, gave me some celery plants, a garlic, and said, "No problem," regarding the dill plant that was wedged against a tomato.

Since the weather is still wet wet wet and my garden is just a mud pit right now.... I planned on storing them at my house for a while, where they will be able to grow some more and drain well.  So I separated them and planted them in every available container I could find.

They are pouting, having just been replanted and watered, but I'll take them outside and they'll perk right back up!

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