Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladies + Cooking = A Great Day

Today the ladies and I got together to make several batches of Strawberry Jam.  The adventures usually result from my very poor estimations.  Last canning day, my time estimation was ridiculously off.  I said, 3 or 4 hours.... we were there for more than 7.  Today it was my estimation of lbs to cups.

To be fair to myself, I got these estimations off of another website that was confusing and apparently very misleading.  It said 1 lb strawberries was equal to 4 cups sliced.  NOT SOO!!!  I later found a canning book that had some estimations in it... and it said 1 lbs sliced strawberries would be equal to about 2 cups.  And this was pretty accurate.

Soooooo.... out of a 28lb bucket of cleaned and sliced strawberries, we got 10 batches, with 4 cups left over for a smoothie with lunch. :)

We used a recipe from Sure Jell

6 cups fruit
4 cups sugar
1 cup pectin
1/2 tsp butter

And we got about 34.5 pints to split between us.

As always, spending the day with the ladies is enjoyable.  We laugh and talk, the kids run and run and run and run and wear themselves out, and the day winds away pleasantly.

Thank you ladies, for a day well spent.  I look forward to our next adventure together.

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  1. Agreed!! It was a great great day! NOOO worries about the estimations!!!! We all have beautiful jam and lovely jars and pectin for next time.