Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Surrounded By Chickens

It is so funny to think that we haven't even been here for a year yet.  It just feels sooooo much like home.  It just feels right to have birds everywhere, and planning the garden.  Just like it was meant to be. <3

I will share some of my chicken love with you today.

Good Morning Chickens!!  I have just arrived to bring you feed and water.
This is our outdoor brooder.  The chicks are mixed breeds from Americaunas, Welsummer, Astrolorps, and.... I have no idea.  They are about 2 months old.

 This is the other section of the outdoor brooder.  These are also mixed breed chicks, Americaunas and White Bantams.  They are about 1 month old.  There are also a couple of the bigger chicks in here, because they were getting trampled yesterday.

 These are our very first homegrown hatched chicks, mixed Welsummer and Americauna.  They are about 3 months old and insist on hiding behind the brooder box.
 Here is my compost bin, where the chickens love to hang out and dine.  There is one of my Americauna hens, my White Crested Black Polish Hen (*wench*) and in the back, my White Bantam hen.  They are about 9 months old and lay almost daily.  Then there are a couple Plymouth Barred Rock roosters, and hens, and one Rhode Island Red that I can't sex yet.  They are about 6 months old.  They had a rough start but are going strong now!

 This is my beautiful Welsummer Rooster.  I have been dying to get you a photo of him.  He is a GREAT rooster.  He keeps track of his girls, warns of danger, and is not aggressive to my family.  He is probably about a year and a half old.  He certainly prefers my Americauna hens and unless laying, they follow him everywhere.
 And ducks too!!!
You can see my Male and Female White Pekin Duck, Female Muscovy duck (on the right), two male Rouens and 3 female Rouens.  They fight alot, but continue to hang out in a large group most of the time.  They also love alot.  So hopefully they will set and brood well for me this year.

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