Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're Getting BEES!

YEAH! I have just ordered my first bee hive, and will be placing my order for bees this evening when my local enthusiast is available to discuss such things with me.

After reading on the types of bee hives, we chose to use a top bar hive.

The pros, as I understand them, include

  • More natural hive formation for the bee
  • Less intrusive when gathering comb and honey
  • Does not require smoking the bees
  • Less additional materials needed to repair/maintain the hive

We also decided to purchase our first beehive. Although there are MANY plans for building your own top bar hive, we chose to purchase a pre-made hive. The reason is simple, we would HATE to screw this up.

So I have just placed my order and it will be shipped within the week, from Bee Authority, and my bees will be ready for pick up in April!

I will have to get my north field tilled and those wildflowers (lbs of seed!!!) growing so those precious critters feel right at home.

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