Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kefir - Daily Care and Recipes

I love my kefir.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone drink kefir.  It is an incredible probiotic, 10x as strong as yogurt.  MANY digestive issues can be helped and your immune system strengthened by the daily intake of probiotics.

I use Milk kefir, but there is also water kefir.

MILK KEFIR DIRECTIONS-----------------------------------------------

Just Starting Your MILK Kefir
When you first get your kefir, it will be dormant.  Put it in a pint mason jar with a coffee filter and ring and fill with milk.  Strain out the grains every one to two days, for six days.  DO NOT DRINK THIS MILK.  DO NOT TOUCH THE GRAINS with your hands.  They recommend using a plastic strainer and plastic spoon to strain it.  I was unable to find a plastic strainer but my metal one seems to be fine and a plastic baby spoon to help strain.

After day six your kefir should have 'woken up' and be ready for its daily duties.

General Daily Care
Once every day to two days, strain out your grains and give them new milk.  They can float freely in the milk, or be placed in a strainer that is slightly submerged.  I have done both and they seem to work equally well.

If left two or more days in the milk, your kefir grains will grow, and grow and grow.  They will be able to process more and more milk also.  I find that about 2 tbsp of grains to 1 quart of milk is about right.

I commonly serve it with with some honey, or blended with some fresh berries, or home canned peaches.  I also blend some with raspberries and sugar and freeze as a sort of frozen yogurt treat.  My husband just loves to drink it plain.

Kefir is also excellent for your pets.  As a daily supplement, or a pick me up to their digestive system.  My cats and chickens LOVE IT.

Need a Break???
You can put your kefir grains in a little milk (like 1 cup) and place them in the fridge.   They will need to be strained and given new milk once a month.  DO NOT DRINK THIS MILK.  When you decide to start using your kefir again, remember it will be dormant.  You will have to wake it back up again, using the methods above, not drinking the milk for six days.

More Recipes.....

I think I may try this one this week.  I also LOVE LEMON!!!


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