Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where There's Smoke...

This morning when my son took out some compost and table scraps for the chickens to attack.... he started screaming for me.

I ran out to find....

A fire in my chicken coop.  One of the heat lamps in our brooder box had ONCE AGAIN been trampled all over by my bigger chickens and this time it fell right off its hook.  The house was filled with smoke.  So with my son's help I got the box opened, and airing, the lamp unplugged and out and poured a bucket of water on the smoldering feed and wood.

In so many ways, this could have been catastrophic.  My son saw the lamp fall.  While he was too little to fix the problem, he knew exactly what to do!  TELL MAMA!  Also... while we mostly use hay for bedding in our coop, which would have been DRY DRY DRY and gone up in flames easily, most of my chickens are the MESSIEST eaters and scratch allllllll their feed out of the feeders and the floor is now mostly covered with spent feed.  I used to try to keep the hay ratio up, now I don't bother.  The feed was NOT highly flammable! YEAH!

There is however a large burnt hole in the bottom of my brooder now.  My husband and I had already been working out plans to build a new and MUCH BETTER version.  The lamp situation will be GOOD to think out thoroughly.

I am really grateful that this happened the way it did.  I know that an hour (maybe even less) before we would be out and about, and the coop would have potentially been a total loss.

So I'm thanking the Lord, for his Providence to us.

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