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God spoke this, about these end-times through J Leland Earls in the 1960's when He said...
" I am commanding all those who will hear my word to get into my boat or ark of safety for only therein shall you be safe in the end time storm which shall envelop the whole earth. And where is my ark of safety? It is even in the One who died for you and rose again, ascending on high for you, In Him and in His will for your life is there safety in these last days. So my people, get into the boat and there I shall protect you saith the Lord.

"Cause my people to know this saith the Lord, that my ways are in the seas. I will make the sea to roll and the waves shall ascend, and the cities shall be inundated (flooded) by the mighty rolling of the sea in that day when I arise mightily to shake all things. For the sea shall make bare the coastlands and the inhabitants shall perish. For my ways are in the seas saith God. Even so shall I make known unto my people in that day when and where they are to flee. Be prepared to move wherever I tell you, for if you will not hear my voice surely you will perish saith the Lord. I will cause you to know the day and the hour in which you are to flee for safety, for I will protect those who look unto me and depend upon me in that day saith the Lord. But I say unto you, you shall remain where you are and fear not. You shall not move until I tell you, for I am a faithful God and surely I will speak unto you in that day. Now you shall be quite before me and wait upon me, seeking my face daily that you may know me and hear my voice in the day of trouble. For I will have my people flee from the places that shall be destroyed even as Lot fled from the city of Sodom in the day of its destruction. My angels shall be on duty and my glorified ones shall be set in battle array to do service to those who are trusting in me and looking unto me for their deliverance, for I will deliver saith the Lord.

 Now I would have you consider the way in which I will have my church meet in that day. I will have you meet in small groups in the places that I will show you. Many times you will have to meet in secret because the authorities will be clamping down on all that they consider fanaticism. So great will be the boldness of my servants in that day, and so astounding will be their message and their works, that the authorities will take action to try to stop the meetings. So my people, you will have to hear my voice and do that which I show you, for I will direct you in all your ways, and I will show you when and where to gather together,

Because of the great danger from both the hysterical mobs and the frightened authorities, much pressure will be put on all those who tend to deviate from accepted patterns of behavior and from approved procedures of religious activity. For even the religious world will seek to set up standards in that day of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to the welfare of the nation in the times of extreme crises. I say, those who dare to not conform will be considered as fanatics and harmful deviates and will be persecuted relentlessly by those who pose to be the religious voice of the land. So my true servants will be buffeted from all sides as the people who are crazed by fear seek every means available to silence them. The people as a whole will refuse to listen to those who would call them to repentance and warn them of impending judgment in that day. Now consider also the danger that will come from natural disasters and from man caused eruptions in that day. For there will be many places where disasters shall strike suddenly, and where battles will rage furiously. And were not my people warned they would surely perish. So I will give warning, saith the Lord, to all who are in danger that they may flee to places of safety, that the forces of destruction harm them not. They shall be told where to go to escape, saith the Lord.

From whence shall come the warnings? I will warn by vision and by appearance of my glorified ones who shall be on constant duty in that day. They shall be empowered to bear my people up if need be and transport them to places of safety, and at times they shall be clothed and fed by supernatural means as they are obedient to my voice and follow the instructions that are given unto them. So fear not my people, for I will surely keep you and protect you in that day. For even now all things are being made ready that nothing will be amiss when the great time of tribulation comes upon the earth. “(End of prophecy) J.D. EARLS


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