Friday, March 29, 2013

Guest Post ~ Are You Ready?

First shared by WarReport: Impacting News Events Related To Bible Prophecy

Increasingly, especially over the last few months, our attention has been drawn to one troubling war situation developing after another in various locations across the world. - But what should be fairly obvious now to the careful observer -(while noting that only YHVH knows exactly the what/when of all things)- is that these are no longer isolated trouble spots, but that the enemies of Israel and the USA (and to a lesser extent of the EU), are all acting in concert to bring a full blown global war situation to the West starting at any moment now. Besides all the other things also happening at the same time (economic, horrific wickedness increasing, etc...) these war situations are prophesied in Scripture, and have been noted by Intel sources who have been connecting the dots, and have also been mentioned by several people in prophecies in our times as well. - It appears now that the Bible prophecies of Is.17:1, Ps.83, and Ez.38-39 (WWIII) could happen not just with short time periods in between them; but occurring so close back to back that they're almost overlapping!...And all this appears that it could starting momentarily!

Due to a false teaching that nothing bad will ever happen to Believers in the USA, that they'll be Raptured out before anything comes their way...there is a failure of most no longer being taught from our pulpits that these wars & horrific Judgments (which many End-Time scholars and teachers and pastors USED to teach!) happen before the Tribulation even starts! - As a result (contrary to what Believers in Communist and Islamic countries are taught and have to face) most of the Believers in the USA have had NO sound teaching on enduring suffering and persecution - and they will be not just blind-sided and in a panic when these things happen, but many could backslide or even worse!

It is now high time to stop with the morphed touchy-feelie fluff fake-gospel, and draw close to YHVH in Messiah Yeshua now. Pray to hear His Voice FOR YOURSELF, read His Word...ARE YOU READY?!

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